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Bringing innovative modern spaces to your doorstep, Significant Buildings has revolutionized home building in Dallas' premier neighborhoods. Significant Buildings — a full service design-build firm, works alongside a team of industry leading artisans and craftspeople to deliver truly custom livable-luxury residences around your way of life. Make every day extraordinary.



Modern life's contemporary comforts.


Our forward-thinking approach to home building offers world-class functionality and amenity in each home we make. We pin-point the best mix of 21st Century enhancements, featuring highly-efficient systems, innovative technologies, and superior grade materials typically reserved for landmark structures. A Significant Building is built to last, with the strongest integrity from the ground up. Custom finishes and sleek details make living in your home a true modern luxury.



design inspired by you

There is no one-size fits all formula.  It all starts with a dream and you.  Significant Buildings and our team of industry experts capture the client dream, develop project requirements, and craft custom solutions around your lifestyle. Your home is uniquely yours.



Maximum performance

We are devoted to maximizing home performance, and through our energy-efficient practices and design expertise your home promises to be built for ultimate comfort. From insulation to electrical, amenities are optimized to be powerful, yet nimble.



Innovate & automate

Technology at your fingertips to take your routine to the next level. Your home is a personal space and smart features put you in control. Monitor climate quality, set the perfect mood, and keep your family safe with leading security tools.



from the inside out

A home is as strong as what its made of. Our signature use of industrial strength materials exceeds modern residential build code and is designed to last. Enjoy superior quality standards that ensure your iconic home stands the test of time.

Leo Savino, President

Leo Savino, President


Meet Leo.

Born and raised in Dallas, Leo has always admired how Texas boasts the unique combination of the rustic outdoors and elegant touches of designed luxury and class. Leo attended Southern Methodist University, where he graduated with a degree in Economics & Finance. He worked in the commercial building & development industry managing the builds of several national credit retailers. Finally, he decided to take his honed skill set into the building of ultra luxe residential estates. He realized how living spaces intimately connect us to our community, impact our well-being, and serve as our sanctuary. Creating artfully planned luxury spaces where his clients intuitively live and thrive has become Leo's specialty. Alongside his team of industry leading experts, his work exists to craft homes that are a true expression of their owners and a reflection of upmost significance.

My passion is turning the house of your dreams into an awe-inspiring reality.

More than just a house.


We are not your typical builder. You won't find any off the shelf designs or commonplace work. Significant Buildings works with their clients holding open communication and delivering on-time-on-budget results at the highest regard. We maintain a limited volume of clients to deliver an incomparable level of service, and guided expertise that exceeds expectations every step of the way. You have our devoted attention.



Excellence in service and design.

Significant Buildings is a consecutive award-winning member of the design-build community. RECEIVING accolades for "Best-In" categories including Home design, living spaces, and customer service.


Winner of 4 ARC Awards, 2012








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